Rigid Box Machinery
The latest research and development,delicated products
  TJ-40 Box Corner Pasting machine
This machine is used for rigid box, inside box, using high temperature adhesive tape to save the cost. Its product has correct angle...
  MS-900 Automatic Four Side Hardcover Folding Machine
MS-900 Automatic four sides folding machine with high precision and high speed. It with automatic positioning and achieve functions of folding double sides
  DB-600 Cover Folding Machine (double edge)
This machine can be used to mount and mold the cover of hardcover, file and album. The cover can be delivered to the binding device ...
  ZP-800D Double Roller Pressing machine
This machine is used for book cover bumping and pressing...
  YP-800B Pressing Machine
Pressing machine is special equipment of thickness paper flattened which after gluing. Suitable for different thickness paper ...
  MSZD460 Automatic Rigid Box Making Machine
MSZD460 servo automatic rigid paper box forming machine is the ideal processing equipment rigid box, box. First, Inner box bottom paste with surface paper,
  MS-450A Semi-automatic Case Making Machine
This machine is applied in covering and pressing various notebooks, photo books( photo album folders, certificates, hardcover books.
  KMS-500 Drawer Cover Box Forming Machine
The Semi-automatic machine specially used for making drawer boxes. It is suitable for the production of high-quality, high-appearance drawer boxes and other barrel boxes,
  ZD-120 Angle Cutting Machine
This machine is applicable to Mourn the card, Aluminum a bagging, Notebook, Book Etc. similar product of The circle Cape cuts to slice.
  MS-420 Rigid Paper Box Bubble Pressing Machine
After paper box gluing and folding, this machine make the box surface smooth and without bubble mark.
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